A New Fireworks Show

The Sioux Falls Jaycees has been running a major fireworks display in Sioux Falls at the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds since 1967 with the support of many local businesses. This annual event was always free to the public thanks to the many amazing local sponsors who made a commitment to their community to keep this event going. In 2020, we passed the torch to a new non-profit that took on the Sioux Falls Fireworks as their sole event for the year. Find out all the event details at SiouxFallsFireworks.org. Thank you for continuing to bring this fabulous event to our community. 

The Jaycees continue to find ways to give back to the Sioux Falls community such as the Jaycees Feargrounds Haunted House, or the Holiday Gifts for Kids programs.

Thank you for supporting the Sioux Falls Jaycees and joining the Sioux Falls community in a fun, 4th of July celebration!